Akemie’s Taiko is a versatile FM drum module from ALM/Busy Circuits. Like its big brother Akemie’s Castle, it uses an old school Yamaha FM chip to create a huge array of sounds.

It’s tricky to tame (a la Dinky) but it’s worth the effort. You can dial in glitchy snares, metallic percussion and even some nice melodic bass and lead sounds.

This sample pack includes:

  • 37 snares
  • 22 melodic sounds (tuned to C)
  • 19 percussion sounds
  • 16 kick drums (12 of them tuned to C)
  • 9 high hats

These are 44.1kHz 16 bit mono WAV files, perfect for dropping into most samplers.

This pack also includes 8 glitchy stereo loops. These are recorded from a single Akemie’s Taiko being subjected to a ton of modulation and running through some effects.