What happens when you take a perfectly good drum machine and run it through a gauntlet of Eurorack filters, effects, wavefolders and compressors? Uh… this sample pack.

We took the same 808 clone from our Fake Oh 8 sample pack and really went to town on it. The result is a set of wild, grungy, and unexpected drum sounds that can add character to virtually any track. This is our biggest pack to date! It features 369 sounds, including:

  • 138 kick drums (87 tuned to C)
  • 58 snares
  • 36 open high hats
  • 26 claps
  • 24 closed high hats
  • 23 toms (tuned)
  • 16 cymbals
  • 13 claves
  • 13 cowbells
  • 12 maracas
  • 10 rimshots

These are 44.1kHz 16 bit mono WAV files, perfect for dropping into most samplers.

This download also includes an Ableton Live pack featuring 10 instruments (3 of them are drum kits). These include some built-in effects and Push-friendly macro controls.