Dinky’s Taiko is a Eurorack percussion module known for its noisy, digital sound. It’s unruly and unpredictable–most demos you find will focus on modulating its parameters to create wild patterns. But with a little bit of careful tweaking it’s possible to create some great sounds.

This is our biggest pack to date! It features 105 sounds (all recorded directly from the module) including:

  • 40 snares
  • 18 kick drums
  • 16 weird vocal sounds
  • 15 melodic sounds (tuned to C)
  • 8 percussion sounds
  • 6 high hats
  • 2 claps

These are 44.1kHz 16 bit mono WAV files, perfect for dropping into most samplers.

This download also includes an Ableton Live pack featuring 7 instruments: 2 drum racks and 5 melodic instrument racks. These include some built-in effects and Push-friendly macro controls.