OMG! This pack is part of the DRM1 Bundle. What an amazing opportunity to get more bang for your buck.

It’s the thrilling conclusion to the Vermona DRM1 trilogy! What happens when you take a massive library of analog drum sounds and resample them with a ton of hardware and software samplers and effects? This. This sample pack is what happens. It’s weird that you didn’t guess that.

We start with our library of Vermona DRM1 MKIII samples and resampled them with the help of Ableton’s Sampler, TAL-Sampler, the Elektron Digitakt, and Erica Synths Sample Drum. These sounds were transformed with aggressive time stretching, modulation, effects, and other processing. The digital crunch and heavy manipulation open up new dimensions of sound and take this pack to some weird places.

Here’s what you get:

  • An Ableton pack with 10 instruments
  • An Elektron Model:Samples project with 8 patterns
  • 75 glitchy drum loops
  • 70 kick drums (20 tuned to C)
  • 47 snares
  • 46 synth sounds (tuned to C)
  • 31 cymbals
  • 12 claps
  • 12 toms
  • 9 goofy percussion sounds

Audio files are included in two different formats:

  • 24 bit, 48kHz WAV
  • 16 bit, 44.1kHz WAV

This pack includes two packs: one for Live 10 and one for Live 11. The Live 11 pack uses some of the new audio effects and includes some instrument variations using macro snapshots.