This is HUGE–everything we have ever put out during 2020-2022. 50+ sample packs. 6,500+ samples. 940+ loops. 400+ Ableton instruments. 2 Elektron Digitakt projects! Almost 4GB of content unzipped!

  • Every audio file is included in both 24bit/48kHz and 16bit/44.1kHz WAV
  • NEW: Includes 10 secret VIP “Dead Drop” packs, not available for purchase separately
  • NEW: All sounds from the free packs in 24 bit
  • NEW: Ableton packs organized by instrument type with all automation removed
  • $200+ value!

If you bought the 2020/2021 Mega Bundles or the 2021 Whole Enchilada, you already own most of the stuff here! If you pick up the 2022 Mega Bundle you’ll have everything!